Sports Car with Corex aluminium honeycomb

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Car with aluminium honeycombCorex aluminium honeycomb is suitable for use in a variety of automotive applications including cars, military vehiclesbuses, commercial vehicles, caravans and motorcycles. Typically, within this sector, our aluminium honeycomb is applied to interior panels, access ramps, interior furniture and energy absorbers.

With its lightweight capabilities, our aluminium honeycomb reduces fuel consumption whilst increasing vehicle capacity and performance. Globally recognised automotive manufactures have chosen to include Corex aluminium honeycomb within their product offering as part of a Headline Energy Absorber.

Aluminium honeycomb used in Automotive indusrty

As a sponsor of Formula Student for many years we have supported various university racing teams, including Bath, Cambridge, and Coventry, UK and Wisconsin, USA. The recent team we have supported is Team Bath Racing who used Corex aluminium honeycomb in the chassis of their racing car, TBR17, as shown.

Team Bath Racing carTBR17 competed in Formula Student UK, Silverstone, then travelled to Europe for Formula Student Czech Republic and Germany. Although they had a turbulent competition, finishing in the middle of the table, they reached the design final of each event and the car was exceptionally fast due to the lightweight materials used .




Panther Command Vehicle The aluminium honeycomb is also used in military vehicles, like the ‘Panther Command Vehicle, shown and others that incorporate Active Mine Protection technologies,. The main use is in the flooring to improve the energy absorption whilst adding minimal weight. We have been working with Advanced Blast and Ballistic Systems (ABBS) who have developed systems for protecting armoured vehicles from mine and Improvised Explosive Devises blasts.



ULtra Pod Heathrow AirportAnother use in the Automotive industry is the Heathrow Rapid Transit Pod, a project we worked on with TRB Lightweight Structures; an ultra -lightweight, electric, unmanned vehicle which transports people from the business car park to Terminal 5, via a guide way. The chassis and the floor of the pod are made of composite panels that contain aluminium honeycomb, which result in a strong, lightweight structure.



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