Aluminium honeycomb core for composite sandwich panels in boats & marine sector

Aluminium honeycomb core for composite sandwich panels in boats & marine sectorCorex Honeycomb manufactures aluminium honeycomb core for sandwich panels in boats &  marine sector. Whilst being uncompromisingly strong, Corex Honeycomb’s impact resistant aluminium honeycomb, when used in composite panels, reduces the added weight of structures, furniture and fittings, making this the ideal material for marine applications. We have developed aluminium honeycomb to be applied in the construction of partitions, interiors, furniture, ceilings, flooring, hulls and bulkheads; working alongside our marine customers to meet their project requirements.


Wheelmark certification symbolCorex Honeycomb has been awarded the Wheelmark and United States Coastguard Certification. By complying with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974 and Smoke and Toxicity Test to IMO Resolution MSC 61(67), our aluminium honeycomb is suitable for use on board any European or American marine vessel. We are the ideal partner to collaborate on your marine project as we have invested in the relevant certification to support our long standing customers.


Polypropylene honeycomb core for composite sandwich panels in boats & marine sector

PP honeycomb cellsTubus Waben polypropylene honeycomb is also ideally suited to boat and ship construction. The material ensures lower weight whilst increasing pressure, impact and bending stability. Sandwich and lightweight elements made from polypropylene honeycombs have the valuable characteristics of low water absorption and corrosion resistance.

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