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Test Laboratory for aluminium honeycomb structures

Test Laboratory for aluminium honeycomb structures: our stringent test procedures guarantee the highest level of accuracy for our customers. Tests available include the following:

Test                         Standard

Lap Shear              ASTM D1002-10 – A method for testing adhesion by pulling bonded layers apart along the plane of adhesion.


T-Peel                      ASTM D1876-08 – A good accurate method of assessing the quality of a joint but is only applicable for flexible test pieces, for example aluminium foil. An example would be the force it takes to pull tape off a roll.


Climbing Drum   ASTM D1781-98 – A peel test but designed to understand the bond between a surface, or ‘skin’ and a sub-straight. In our case we usually test the bond between honeycomb aluminium and an aluminium skin.


Flatwise Tensile  ASTM C297/C296M-16 – Test specimens are cut from sandwich panels, and the faces of these specimens are bonded to aluminium blocks. The aluminium blocks are mounted in a universal test machine and pulled apart. This force, along with the area of the specimen is used to establish the bond strength.


We use a Universal Test Machine (Inston or LLoyds machine) for each of the above tests. The samples are pulled apart at a pre-determined rate (mm per min), the force required to do this is continuously measured and recorded. This information is used to assess  the strength of the bond.

We are also certified to AS 9100, the aerospace standard based on the ISO 9001 quality management system requirements.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and to find out more about the testing services we can offer.

Find more information here: Test Lab Datasheet

Test laboratory for honeycomb structures
Test laboratory for honeycomb structures

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