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Corex aluminium honeycomb expansionCorex Honeycomb has been manufacturing aluminium honeycomb since 1995, distributing it to industries worldwide. We offer a wealth of expertise and a global distribution network.

Corex Honeycomb produces high quality aluminium honeycomb core in a variety of conditions, tailored to the individual needs of the customer, wherever a high strength-to-weight ratio, energy absorption or directional qualities are required.

Aluminium honeycomb is designed to sit in between two skins to create a sandwich panel. In creating distance between these skins and preventing them from moving, huge mechanical advantage is gained in the resulting rigidity with minimal increase in weight.

We offer aluminium alloy grades 3003 and 5052, depending on application; full blocks or cut slices; perforated or non-perforated;corrosion treated or untreated; drilled; expanded or unexpanded. There is a range of cell size depending on end use, from a 1.6mm cell size for the most demanding motor sport and aerospace applications to 25.4mm cell size used for less demanding applications like architecture and interior design.

We also distribute Polypropylene honeycomb within the UK market and manufacture Resin Dispensers.


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