Aluminium Honeycomb

Aluminium honeycomb core material

Corex Honeycomb manufactures high quality aluminium honeycomb core material which is used in a wide variety of applications worldwide. Aluminium honeycomb is highly desirable due to its incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio and is applicable wherever lightness and strength are required. Corex Honeycomb supplies high quality aluminium honeycomb to global markets including the Aerospace, Marine, Defence, Rail and Automotive industries.

Why Aluminium? It has several benefits including:

Aluminium Honeycomb

The Corex range can be supplied in a variety of conditions, tailored to the individual needs of the customer:

Medium aluminium honeycomb cell

Expanded or unexpanded

Full blocks or cut slices

Perforated or unperforated

Corrosion treated or untreated

Aluminium Alloy Grade 3003 or 5052

Tips on how to expand our aluminium honeycomb by hand:

Option 1.

Two people are required, wearing cut-resistant gloves, with each person gripping opposite ends of the unexpanded core. Expand the core by pulling it until the honeycomb reaches an even hexagonal shape (it will need to slightly over expanded it as it will spring back, as shown in the video).

Option 2.

Hand expanderA safer option would be to make 2 pullers by fitting a row of nails through a piece of wood or aluminium like a comb but spaced about 10mm apart. Then push the nails through the last few end rows of the core at both ends. Clamp one end to the comb to a table and pull on the other comb to expand the material. (see the Hand expander opposite)

Always wear gloves when handling core as the product is sharp and will easily cause deep cuts.

Corex standard honeycomb can be expanded to the following sizes:

Other block sizes are available on request. Depending on cell size, up to 18000mm can be achieved in the W direction.

honeycomb core

Corex Honeycomb is manufactured with Aluminium Alloy Grade 3003 or 5052; both standard products are normally supplied in an unprocessed condition.
Honeycomb blocks can be cut to thicknesses to suit individual customer requirements. Using the latest cutting technology, Corex Honeycomb is able to supply slices up to a tolerance of ±0.125mm with a minimum slice thickness of 3mm.

Engineering support

Corex Honeycomb is part of a group with more than 30 years’ experience in composite manufacturing, engineering and design.


Aluminium honeycomb can be used in a virtually unlimited number of applications. Some of the most widespread applications are as follows:


  • Doors
  • Floors
  • Sanitary Modules
  • Energy Absorbers
  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Dividing Panels


  • Interior Panels and Partitions
  • Furniture
  • Ceiling and Flooring Panels
  • Hulls and Bulkheads
  • Doors


  • Building Facades
  • Ceiling and Flooring Panels
  • Clean Rooms
  • Furniture


  • Exterior architectural curtain wall panels
  • Flow Straightening ( Air and Liquid)
  • Heating and Ventilation
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Sacrificial Beds (Laser and Waterjet)


  • Motorsports
  • Commercial and Military Vehicles
  • Impact Energy Absorbers

Wind Turbines

  • Rotor Blades
  • Turbine Cladding
  • Mould Construction

For detailed information on Corex Honeycomb’s aluminium honeycomb please contact our sales team.

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